Monday, May 12, 2014

Cinnamon gets a Pedicure

It's been a pretty good day. It started off in a hurry though. I got up, ate breakfast and was hurried into the car to get over to Companion Pet Clinic. I was told I needed a shot and to have my nails clipped. Why the rush, I don't know!

So we got there for walk-in hours. I put my name on the waiting list and we went outside for awhile. It was a sunny, pretty day. I was hoping we'd go to the dog park afterwards as a reward, so I tried really hard to be good.

Here's my front paw. Nice nails, eh?
I WAS NOT PLEASED with my owner as we were told we didn't need the shot. It wasn't due until JULY! So, in effect, I was there for nothing SO EARLY IN THE MORNING.

Well, I agreed to stay for the pedicure part as I had to admit my nails were getting a bit too long. So during the wait I mentally picked out the color of polish that I would like. I chose orange to match my collar. I schmoozed a bit with the other people and dogs waiting and, as usual, got complimented and petted. So the morning wasn't an entire waste.

Soon it was my turn. They weighed me (why, I don't know) and took me in back for my pedicure. Clip, clip, clip.  My long pointy nails became short and blunt. And then, as quickly as I had come in, they were ushering me out! NO LEG MASSAGE, NO POLISH.... cheap-o job, I'd say!
Here's my back paw. Nice and short and NO NAIL POLISH!

Well, the staff complimented me so much on how well-behaved I was back in the back of the clinic, that my chest just puffed up with pride! Yes, I was good!

And, I got a treat just before I left.

Well, here I am with nicely trimmed nails and no fancy stuff. I thought you'd like to see what my nails look like. I think they are just fine!

And yes, I got to go to the dog park.

Love, Cinnamon


  1. Yup, you's got some pretty nails. I HATE gettin my nails trimmed and try to bite my momma when she does it.

  2. Your nails look real nice... glad you got to go to da dawg park as a reward!

  3. Whitley.... don't bite the hand that feeds you!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon