Friday, January 31, 2014

Jackpot! Cark County Dog Park and the Lauretta Norene Forest Preserve

I was disappointed about the "no squirreling"
Yesterday was a great day. I got to go to my new favorite dog park in Brush Prairie AND explore the forest next to the park.

What a wonderful place! The wooded preserve was established by the daughter of Lauretta Norene to honor her. I'll bed she had a dog that liked the woods as much as I DO!

So the good thing about enjoying both places (this is a 2 for 1, houndy friends!) is that there is a gate on the northwest side of the dog park that you can go through to get to the preserve. Now I run up to the gate and stand there until my owner opens it!!
It's really pretty in there.

I have to have my leash on to go into the preserve but I just pretend it is a tracking harness and I AM AN EXPERT ANIMAL TRACKER! You might notice that there is a big sign at the entrance to remind me to be on a least and NO SQUIRRELING.  That doesn't mean I can't sniff and chase, though! (I never would kill one anyway!)

So when you get inside the preserve it is like another land. The trees are tall and the green ferns line the paths. There is moss on branches. If it is raining at the dog park, you might stay pretty dry in the preserve as the trees will shelter you. I like that.

There are many animal smells in there so I go kinda crazy as soon as I get on a path. I love it! There are circular paths. I don't think you could get lost, anyway, because the preserve is located between two huge fields.

Lots of animals hide in here!
So my new favorite thing to do is enjoy the dog park, say hello to everyone and then head over to the dog park for a little fake squirreling!

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