Friday, May 23, 2014

Cinnamon's Country Club Report: I think I got a little too adventurous!

Warning: This is a graphic discussion of dog hunting activities which may offend some humans.

I spent almost a week at the Doggie Country Club, aka Running Pond Acres. It is a refined sort of place with white fencing and an iron gate. There are blooming flowers lining the drive into this posh resort for dogs.

All dogs receive individual attention. One of the attractions for me is that we get to run and play with friends of our choice on the expansive grassy lawns. There are fences and walls but we have plenty of room to romp and play and even nap when we are tired.

I spent quite a bit of time with one female dog who always seemed to push the boundaries. She was forever trying to get me to do things that were outside my comfort zone. But she was fun so we played a lot together.

Well, last Tuesday, things got out of hand. A rabbit was scampering around in the area where we were playing. It was waaayyy far away from the humans. So my friend said, "Cinnamon, let's go chase that rabbit over there!" Now I've chased rabbits before, but I was always on a leash. I always got pulled back just as the rabbit scampered into the woods. The rabbits knew this and they teased me.

So my friend and I went chasing. At first it was a lot of fun. Run, run, run.... I pretended I was a fox hound leading a group of fox hunters in red coats on horseback. Run, run, run.

But then, much to my surprise, the rabbit didn't scamper away into any bushes. It was just there. I didn't know what to do. But my "friend," said. "Let's get it Cinnamon." And we did.

I really didn't want to get in trouble but my primal instincts kicked in. That coupled with the urging of my naughty friend, led me to join her in hunting the rabbit down. And we were successful.

After awhile, and after we consumed part of our catch, the humans saw us. WE WERE IN TROUBLE NOW! They took it away and brought us into the office, one by one. I thought I was really going to get it. I knew it was wrong. But all they did was give us some medicine and send us to our private enclosures. I was kind of embarrassed. I shouldn't have listened to her.

So I was relieved that I didn't get in trouble, but found out soon enough that I was being punished for my actions in another way.... my stomach was really upset!

Leave me alone. I just want to sleep!
I had diarreah for a day or so and was starting to feel a little better when my owner came to pick me up. I was upset that the Country Club people tattled on me and told my owner all about my adventures. I acted like I felt just fine.

When I got home it was time for dinner. I went out in my backyard and looked around. And then I had a little canned pumpkin. That usually settles my stomach. I didn't eat my kibble. I do feel better but didn't want breakfast this morning. All I want to do is sleep.



  1. Oh Cinnamon, you've learned a great lesson. I hope you remember it.

  2. Poor Cinnamon! I think I will show Charlie this story. We have two rabbits that "hang out" in our front yard and he always wants to chase them, but his mean mom and dad won't let him off the leash in the front. Maybe if he knows they will make his tummy hurt, he will lay off of them.

  3. I's chased bunnies, but never caught dem. Rats, skwerrils, and mice on da other hand . . .


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