Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Love My New Personalized Hunting Collar

Here's my Hunting Collar. It just came in the mail
Remember the other day when I was shopping on the Internet? Well, I bought two things. The first is what I call my "Hunting Collar." It is orange just like the hunters wear so other hunters won't shoot them. Now, I'm not foolish enough to believe this collar will protect me from hunters, but it does help me be seen.

The collar has reflective material. And, if I get lost, the collar is embroidered with my name and phone number.

But mostly I just like looking pretty. Isn't it pretty on me?

So today I put it on and went hunting along the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver, WA where I live. What was I hunting? Well, this time I was looking for rabbits and squirrels. To find squirrels I look up EVERY TREE I COME TO. That tests the patience of my owner for sure.
Here is how I hunt for squirrels.
Sometimes it makes my neck hurt!

So I spent time hunting and didn't come up with anything at all. (Note to self: Go hunting in the early morning next time).

So if you want a collar (and they come in many colors) like this where you can have your name and phone number (or website, or address... whatever) embroidered on it, check out the collars at Dog ID's at They have several types of reflective collars.
Here's all the colors my collar comes in. You can order one from

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