Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Coonie Friend Beau is in the Hospital

I usually don't write about sad things (well, except when I got bitten on my nose), but I have a Facebook Friend (Urban Coonhounds FB Group) who is in the hospital. My heart goes out to him because he was a rescue like me several years ago and found a home. But something terrible happened to my friend Beau last week... he got attacked by a mountain lion. Here's Beau in the ER:
See.. Beau looks like me. This picture makes me sad. Poor Beau.
This is what Colorado Coonhound Rescue is saying about MY FRIEND:  Beau the B&T has been at the ER at Deer Creek since Sat. He was attacked by a large animal (mountain lion suspected) last Wed/Thurs and relinquished to us on Saturday so we could get him the care he needs. He's a rescue Alum and the first time in rescue 4 years ago he stole the hearts of everyone around him as he recovered from being emaciated and very ill. He's doing it again We're entering into his treatment plan today for the toggle pin in his hip and his 4-6 month recovery period. Total cost of treatment is $3412.91 plus about $30 a day for 7 days of wound care for the bites.

Here's the note I sent to Beau yesterday. I was really bummed out after I heard that he might have to have his leg amputated. 
I was so sad about Beau yesterday. I sent him this picture.
Turns out, they don't think they will have to do that. There is more to this story including why poor Beau didn't get medical attention right away. But I'll spare you the details. What is important is that many of us who support Colorado Coonhound Rescue are trying to help. You can donate through their donation page or contact the Vet directly and pay towards the account: Deer Creek Animal Hospital: (303) 973-4200 and the account is 69708 under Colorado Coonhound Rescue.

Here's what the nice lady who transported him to the Vet said: It really is Beau that's AWESOME you guys. I just took him to the vet. He's got a solid and true spirit. Any other dog would have bit my face off when I had to move him out of my truck and onto the stretcher, but not Beau, he just made little groany sounds and licked my arm as I scootched him out best I could. Any other dog would have bit me when I lifted him into my truck, but not Beau, he just wagged his tail and begged for my lunch (which I shared).

Beau is in really good hands but I am still worried. 

Meanwhile, I am so emotionally drained, I think I'll take a nap. 

Love, Cinnamon

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