Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I went to see Maddie!

Dear  Coonie Friends:

Here I am in the car headed for Portland!
This is me, Cinnamon, reporting from the literary event of the year... The Maddie Tour 2013 came to Portland, Oregon. Now that is just across the river from my home, Vancouver, Washington. (You know, Vancouvria?)

Maddie is my herione. She stands on things, poses inside things and doesn't mind being photographed by her human companion, Theron. She and Theron have made such a good team that Maddie has her own book, Maddie on Things.  

I've followed Theron and Maddie and their wild idea. I was so excited when I found out they were coming to Broadway Books in Portland. Hey, it's only a 20 minute car ride from my home.

But my hopes were dashed when I found that dogs (and cats, too) were not allowed at Maddie's  book signing. I thought I might have to stay home. I was getting depressed as the hour arrived for my owner to drive over to Portland. But she had an idea. She decided TO TAKE ME IN THE CAR! Maybe I could visit the neighborhood where Maddie was going to be and maybe I could SEE MADDIE from the car!
Here are people coming to see Maddie at Broadway Books

So I recovered from my situational depression and jumped into the car. I was really excited. We drove over th I-5 Bridge into Portlandia. Once we got to the neighborhood where Broadway Books was I spied some squirrels in a tree. I got even more excited. I bayed at the base of the tree, much to the delight of some Portlandians.  Little did I know that urban squirrels are smart. They scampered away via the power lines.

So I got out of the car and walked over to Broadway Books. The owners looked at me askance because the word was out that no coonhounds could come to the book signing. But I said I was a good girl and would stay in the car when it was time for Maddie to arrive.

Here I am being petted at Broadway Books
Then everything changed. Since Broadway Books is a nice independent neighborhood bookstore, they just invited ME INSIDE! They petted me and I had my picture taken right by the Maddie on Things book display. I was so excited. I was treated as well as celebrity, Maddie! I liked Broadway Books. I might have to go back when there aren't any celebrities there. (Or maybe, I AM A CELEBRITY!).

So I schmoozed a bit and politely left when I was told. I had to go back to the car and wait in the back hoping to catch a glimpse of Maddie and Theron.

I waited and waited. The crowds grew. Adults and children were going into the bookstore and many people waited outside too.

Suddenly I saw her! It was Maddie! She was a little coonhound like me. She was with Theron and they were headed toward the bookstore. She looked at me and I could tell she was a COONHOUND JUST LIKE ME! I knew she was hoping for treats and attention in the bookstore. I was sure she'd look in the trash cans just like me and run out the door if it was left open. Maddie is a COON HOUND.  And so am I.
Here's Maddie looking in the garbage like a common Coon Hound

Once she went inside, I cuddled up in the front seat of the car to take a nap. I had seen Maddie and she had SEEN ME! I was happy and knew I'd hear all about what happened inside once my owner came back. Today was a good day.

I'll write more tomorrow after I sleep and hear details from my owner.

Love, Cinnamon, the PROUD COON HOUND


  1. Lisa KawanesicayugaOctober 1, 2013 at 10:08 PM

    It was great to see you tonight, Cinnamon. I apologize for not recognizing you at the time. You are such a pretty girl and thank you for letting me pet you and for giving me a kiss :)

  2. Cinnamon says:"I love meeting friendly people. Thanks for taking time to give me some attention. I thrive on it!"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon