Monday, October 7, 2013

Dinner Party: Not for Cinnamon!

Here I am attached to the door!
(Note: My tummy is not that fat. It is just a bad picture)
If you remember the big German dinner party episode, you will know how much I look forward to having human company come visit. And you'll know how much the humans don't want me around during their dinner parties.

Well, it was time for another gathering of the humans. This time they were coming to eat salmon and shrimp. Now, never mind that I HELPED CATCH THE SALMON when I was in Haida Gwaii. And never mind that I could tell some great fish tales. And never mind that I promised to be on my best behavior. I was just told to keep in the background. Here I am, Cinnamon, second class citizen again.

So they had appetizers on the coffee table in easy reach. But I didn't get any. We had found that I will JUST GIVE IN and lay down if I have my leash on and it is attached so something that won't move like a door. So once they greeted me and started having their appetizers I found myself attached to the door. I did lay down. I did try to be good.

Now I let a few grunts out here and there so they would notice I was still there. But I kept quiet about the fishing trip and I didn't partake of any appetizers.
Here's the salmon I helped catch before it went in the oven.

Soon the salmon was in the oven and my owner was cooking rice. They sat down at the table and LEFT ME ATTACHED TO THE DOOR. I grunted again. They noticed me and let me outside and then suggested I go upstairs to bed. IMAGINE!

So I did. I trotted upstairs. BUT THEY COULDN'T IGNORE ME! I got out ALL MY TOYS and ran from one end of the house to the next. I played with all the toys and made as much noise with my romping that I could. I thought they would see how much fun I was having and come upstairs and play with me. But no..... they just kept on talking.

I heard one of them talk about her recent airplane trip. It was horrible. She ended up getting sick and the flight was delayed due to weather. I made a mental note. NO FLYING FOR CINNAMON!

So at one point I guess I gave up. I went to bed and dreamed of a dinner party the way I would want it. (insert dream sequence music here).

I would be seated at the head of the table. My human friends would surround me. They would hang on every word as I told my best hound stories. I would be served first... Lots of salmon, please! More butter on my bread please! Hold the berries on my ice cream please.

After dinner we would all go for a walk in the woods and hunt squirrels. That would be the way I WANT IT!


  1. You rock the world, Cinnamon....your dinner party is one Andre (the TopDawg) & I would want to attend!


  2. It was a lovely evening, Cinnamon. Many thanks to Elizabeth for sharing your salmon with us.


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon