Sunday, October 26, 2014

Should Dogs Eat Asparagus?

I just ate some asparagus. It was on a leftover plate my owner let me have. I usually don't get leftover plates but since we had such a great walk today, she thought I could have a little extra for a snack.

Yeah, I had some asparagus, but not this much!
But wait a minute! Can dogs eat asparagus? Well, I did. But is it safe? I checked out many articles on the Internet and found out that, yes, DOGS CAN HAVE ASPARAGUS. Well, let's not over-do it. It has vitamins and fiber and a little is just fine.

But I also learned that ASPARAGUS FERNS, the houseplant type, are not NOT OK FOR DOGS! According to this helpful article from  "The asparagus fern (also called emerald feather, emerald fern, sprengeri fern, plumosa fern or lace fern) is toxic to dogs and cats. The toxic agent in the plant is sapogenin — a steroid found in a variety of plants. If a dog or cat ingests the berries of this plant, vomiting, diarrhea and/or abdominal pain can occur. Allergic dermatitis (skin inflammation) can occur if an animal is repeatedly exposed." Read their article for the 10 houseplants animals should NOT try.

So I'm safe. Phew!

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  1. Hi Cinnamon, our dog Molly loves asparagus which we grow in our garden here in northern Canada.. Unfortunately she loves it SO much we have had to put a fence around and over it, because she likes it as fresh as it gets - still on the stalk! She is a lovely little blonde mini labradoodle with good manners, unless it is asparagus season and then we have to keep watch for thievery going in the veggie patch.

    Love, Molly's Mom - Heidi!


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