Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cinnamon gets a Package in the Mail

Here I am with MY PACKAGE!
Yesterday was such a good day. A really good day. I got a package in the mail with MY NAME ON IT!

My owner brought the box in and said "Cinnamon it's for you!" She showed it to me and then let me have it to open. I was so excited. I ran around with it. I growled and pranced with it. I bit at it to open it. And, I FINALLY TORE IT OPEN.

It was at that point that we noticed some tissue paper wrapping and a card inside. We took it out and unwrapped it. IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL QUILT with dogs on it. It was a quilt JUST FOR ME! I was so excited. I had my very own gift and my very own dog quilt.
Here I am shaking the package to open it!

We admired the quilt and spread it out on the floor. I looked at each and every square. It was very special. But then we opened the card and it said:

"Dear Cinnamon:

You have never met me, but I follow your blogs, and I think you are one special hound! 

My 90 year old mom makes quilts. Not too long ago, she told me she had some leftover squares that she needed to use. She talked about making quilts for her grand-dogs, but I had a better idea! I told her about you! I even showed her your blog about quilts. She thought that was really cool!

Here's the beautiful quilt made JUST FOR ME!
I know this quilt is rather small, but I'm sure you can roll yourself into a coonie ball and let your owner cover you with it!

Now you have your own homemade quilt like your friends, Bella and Daisy Mae. Enjoy it!

I hope I get to meet you someday!

Your friend and fan, Walklady"

Imagine me, Cinnamon, with my very own card and gift that arrived in the mail. Imagine me, Cinnamon, with FANS! I am so appreciative of their love and caring. And, Walklady, I love it when you comment on my blog entries. I love that you read what I write! And thank you to both of you for my beautiful quilt.

Here I am sleeping on my brand new quilt.

So that night I put my quilt on my bed and slept on it. My very own quilt. I am one happy Coon Hound today!

Love, Cinnamon


  1. Cinnamon, I am so happy you like your quilt!

  2. So CUTE! I don't know who's happier: Cinnamon, "Walklady@aol.com," or Cinnamon's mommy! Anyway, Cinnamon is one lucky Hound Dog!

  3. Awww, so sweet! Loves! Zooey may be jealous, so don't tell her, OK?


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon