Friday, October 11, 2013

Country Club for Dogs - Driving, Sightseeing and Getting Embarrassed

Here's one of the beautiful trees
out in the country
I was beside myself with excitement this morning. I couldn't wait to leave. I knew I'd have much more fun today than I had yesterday. Yesterday I stayed home ALL DAY!

But today I went to the Country Club and will be there about a week. A WHOLE WEEK OF PLAYING!

So we headed out east along the Columbia River. I noticed that the river was running really low and there were lots of sand bars showing. I thought it was just like in Haida Gwaii when the tide went out and I could go tide pooling. But we didn't stop.

Then we turned north into the countryside. There were horses, fall leaves, farms and huge homes. I call those "house farms." What used to be beautiful farm land was being turned into houses for humans and their dogs. By the size of the homes, I figured each family had about 5 dogs! (Well, some of them share rooms.)

Then we turned down the drive into the Country Club. I was surprised to see A REAL TRAFFIC JAM. It was just a few minutes after opening and all the people and their SUV's were dropping off their dogs. There were huge dogs of all colors and a little yapping dog in a little yappy pink dog crate. The big dogs all went up to sniff the little dog but that made her yap even louder! I just ignored her because I was on my best behavior.

All of a sudden one of the big male dogs went over to a beautiful red sports car with shiny chrome wheels and... you know... lifted his leg! I WAS SO EMBARRASED. I made a mental note to avoid being in a play yard with THAT ILL MANNERED BRUTE!
Here's the drive into MY Country Club.
There were so many cars at one point that
we had to park far away from the office.

So then it was my time to go in. I was a little hesitant, but not much. (I just do that to make my owner feel loved). I was really in the mood to play so was happy that they took me right out back to the play yards.

Love, Cinnamon at the Country Club

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