Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cinnamon's Confession

I'm tired. I had too much fun. I need to rest.
I'm sorry. I've been so tired since I got back from the Doggie Country Club. I've been lazing around, sleeping and resting.

I admit that I had my owner post the book review I wrote when I was at the Country Club. I admit I've been posting some brief infomercials. And I know you all want to hear more from me.

I barely have enough energy to chase that dratted squirrel in my back yard. But I promise, soon, I will recover and be back to my snarky, self-centered self. I want to get out on the road and write. I want to review things and write. I want to be Cinnamon the Blogging Hound... once again.

But for now, Good Night!

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