Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yachats, Oregon: Huge trees, huge waves and long walks

Here's the beach in the early morning
Yachats, Oregon. How I do love thee. Let me count the ways. Yep, I love the beach and I love the woods. Yachats has it all. I am so happy here. I love the sea air, the crashing waves and all the people on the 804 Trail that say I am adorable and stop to pet me!

This morning we started out by walking the 804 Trail just in back of The Fireside Motel. I also created a commotion in the night so got to go outside then too. They even have a big spotlight on the ocean at night just for me!

But this morning I slept in a little before going for that short walk. I thought that was about it but we were back into the car after breakfast headed for downtown Yachats. The Yachats Coastal Gems walking club was putting on their annual Halloween Walk.

It was pretty fun. I liked the idea of treats and candy at the registration point (although I didn't get any!) and the water bowl put outside JUST FOR ME.

When I saw the SCARY PLACE
I decided to go the other way.

It was another of those 10K forced marches. But I was actually having fun. I got to walk along the ocean some more and then I saw something that said "scary place." I started to go in and then GOT REALLY SCARED. So we skipped the scary place and headed on up the street.

Soon we crossed the highway and hiked into some beautiful woods. This was not a place for squirrels. They just don't seem to have them here. There were huge trees and plenty of mushrooms. The trail went up and up. Someone had put logs on the trail to use as stairs. That made my hiking much easier. Pretty soon, I was just running up and down those stairs!

Then we were back on the streets. We passed a cemetery and I saw that the pink trail arrows pointed UP to a BIG HILL.

I decided not to go that way after I saw the Pet Cemetery in front of me. I wondered if that was for the dogs that got exhausted on hills like the one we were supposed to go up. So we went on a fairly flat street that was fun. At the end was a meandering trail with stairs that took us down to the town. After some more fun along the ocean, we were back at the registration place.

There was a big puppy getting ready to start the walk. I told him about the Pet Cemetery and warned him to NOT GO UP THAT BIG HILL!

By then I was ready for one of those treats that my friend Oakley had left for me and, of course, a long nap! Being at the beach can be exhausting!


  1. Sounds like a Great walk, Cinnamon!

    1. I have a friend who has 2 rescue doggies and she has a blog going with their tales and travels as they are full time RVer's. So, I enjoyed your angle as a walking puppy Cinnamon.

    2. Cinnamon says: "if you get a chance, send me the url from their blog because I REVIEW BLOGS AND WRITE ABOUT THEM!" But now, she's taking a nap!

  2. Hello Cinnamon. I think my friend DJ was writing about us in the comment above. My husband and I are retirees, traveling full-time with two rescues. DJ sent your link to me. Our travel blog is at and we're on Facebook too. If you're a Facebooker, look for Ozzie's Diary if you're interested. Ozzie posts about rescue animals and those in need. He write and post photos of our travels and shares humor.

    We'd love to follow along with you and hope to meet up with you along the road.

    Antoinette Smalley (Lexie and Ozzie's mom.)


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon