Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cinnamon's Revenge

This is one of those bratty squirrels
The squirrels are getting really gutsy lately. I think they are preparing for winter. They hang out in the huge oak tree in the woods behind my house. Each time I go outside, I look up to see if they are in view.

But, when I'm not out in the yard, they sneak in and dig little holes in the potted plants and bury their acorns!

Sometimes when the back door is closed I watch them out the window. 

They come down the tree and take a lower branch RIGHT ONTO MY FENCE. Then they scurry along the fence (I can hear their little claw feet) until they get to MY BENCH. Then they come down into MY YARD.
Here's my bench where the squirrels tread when I am not home

They especially like it when I'm not home because they can investigate each and every pot and take their sweet time digging a little hole for their prized acorn.

You know what I do? I dig up their acorns and crack them with my teeth TAKE THAT, SQUIRREL!


  1. Better cracking the acorn than the squirrel's little head Cinnamon BOL


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon