Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cinnamon does the 10K Soup Walk

This is the walk banner. See the dog?
Hi, it's me Cinnamon, and I'm almost back to normal after being away from home for a week at the Doggie Country Club. I had so much fun that I wore myself out. But I got rested up yesterday.

So today I went on a 10K Soup Walk. It was a volkswalk put on by the Sherwood Merrywalkers in Sherwood, Oregon. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got in the car. Was I going to the dog park? Was I going shopping? Was I going on yet another big trip? Nope.... I was just headed for Sherwood.

It was foggy and I thought, perhaps, I should just go back to bed. But when we got to the YMCA (no dogs allowed inside) I waited outside while my owner picked up the map and left some food for the collection.

Then I GOT TO GET OUT OF THE CAR! Yay! Were we going squirrel hunting? Tracking? Sniffing? Nope, she had a map and we had to follow the map and the arrows. No straying. No sniffing. Now, I've done another volkswalk but it was in my home town of Vancouver and we took it really easy. It was a hot day and we enjoyed the shade of the huge trees.
Here I am playing in the leaves. They were so pretty!

I was a bit confused as to why we were there. But we just kept trekking along the streets filled with fall leaves. When we came to a pink arrow, we turned. It didn't matter where I WANTED TO GO. We followed the arrows.

I liked trotting through the crunchy colorful leaves. We got to go downtown and through some wetlands. When we were almost finished with the walk, we came upon this VERY SCARY HOUSE. It was marked "Cemetery," and had ghosts and eyeballs on the fence and ALL KINDS OF SCARY THINGS! I just closed my eyes and kept on trekkin'.

Here's that scary house. I'm scared just looking at the picture!
I was getting really tired when we turned up toward the YMCA. IT WAS OVER! We were headed toward the car and I was looking forward to water and treats. My owner went inside. I heard they were celebrating with home made soup in there but, alas, NO DOGS ALLOWED.
Here's one of those arrows that won't let me hunt squirrels!

On the way home I laid down on my blanket in the back and rested. I did a whole 10K today. I am one athletic dog, right?

I might just try another volkswalk sometime, even if I can't go squirrel hunting on the trail!

In fact, I hear that they have one coming up down at the beach soon and I love beaches! Meanwhile, I think I'll go lounge on my bench in the back yard.

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