Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beau is home but still will need surgery

My coonie friend Beau is home from the hospital and is staying with the rescue lady.
My spirits are uplifted today. That poor coonhound that was in the hospital was released. Now mind you, he has to have daily dressing changes on his mountain lion bites and will have to return for surgery, but he's much happier in a home with other dogs rather than that hospital where he had tubes for everything.

Between you and me, I can tell he is still hurting. Know how? Well, he is panting and it isn't hot there. When my dog friends are hurting they pant. What I have heard is when the swelling goes down and the infection is gone for good, they will do the surgery and pin his leg. So if you are interested in donating, he still needs your support. Here's how to do it:

You can donate through the Colorado Coonhound Rescue donation page or contact the Vet directly and pay towards the account: Deer Creek Animal Hospital: (303) 973-4200 and the account is 69708 under Colorado Coonhound Rescue.

I'm happy to see Beau sniffing around the kitchen there. GET WELL SOON BEAU!

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