Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Maddie Really Did at Broadway Books in Portland

Here I am recovering from my visit to Portland to see Maddie

Well, it has taken me a day to rest up from my big evening in Portland seeing the famous coonhound, Maddie. Yesterday I couldn't even type, I was so tired!

But like I promised, I will TELL ALL. I have talked with my owner and got her stories about Maddie's appearance at Broadway Books in Portland. You'll remember, I WAS NOT ALLOWED. So I waited in the car while she nosed around the bookstore and got to pet Maddie.

So once I was back in the car she went into Broadway Books. It is an independent neighborhood bookstore with cute cards, interesting books and a really nice staff. As she looked around she saw that Theron had already been there setting things up for his presentation. There was a projector and screen. Next to that was a huge water bowl for Maddie.
More and more people came

Over in the back of the store there was a table of Maddie T-Shirts (remember, I don't wear t-shirts!). At the back was a huge quilt showing an outline of Maddie. A table was set up in front of the quilt. This is where Theron and Maddie would be signing books after his talk.

What was amazing is that the table of Maddie on Things books that I saw when I was there was getting depleted as people came in the store. Some of them bought two or three books. All of them were going to want autographs.

As I watched from outside, it was getting crowded in the store and more people were standing outside talking. It was a big social event. 

When Maddy came trotting down the street, I saw her and she saw me. Theron opened the door to the shop and she ran in! First she ran to the back of the store and then she ran to the front, stopping to check the trash for tidbits. Then she drank out of her big water bowl.

Here's Maddie's Quilt
This continued for quite a long time as she ran back and forth, looked out the window, and went sniffing everyone. You see, it was ALL ABOUT TREATS. She was looking for them high and low. Theron had asked that no one bring food or treats. But SOMEONE must have brought them in the past because she was really looking.

She sniffed my owner's camera. She sniffed my owner's purse. And then she ran to the window again. They all got to see MADDY OFF THINGS!

So that's what was going on in the bookstore while I was curled up in a coonie ball in the front seat of the car. 

And here are the pictures..............

Here's the crowds inside Broadway Books (I had to stay OUTSIDE)

Here's Maddie making some little girls happy

Here's Maddie headed for her water bowl

Here's Maddie checking the trash again

Here's Maddie getting reprimanded by Theron. She went into the trash too many times!

Here's how Maddie feels about being reprimanded

Everyone was buying Maddie books.

Here's those t-shirts

Here's my owner photographing Maddie sniffing her purse

Here's my owner and Theron watching Maddie
Photography Copyright Elizabeth R. Rose and (last two) Lisa Nair


  1. Lisa KawanesicayugaOctober 3, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    Hey Cinnamon!

    Still can't believe I got to meet you. I'm as star struck meeting you as I was with Maddie :) I see that your mom caught my daughter in a few of the photos as well. I'm glad you at least got to see Maddie from a distance. We left our hounds at home and they were very upset.

  2. Cinnamon says: "I know what you mean about having to stay home. I think we should have a houndie party one of these days at a dog park?"

  3. Just found your blog and am enjoying it! Are you guys on Facebook? Would love to follow you guys over there. Great job!!


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