Saturday, August 15, 2015

What Happens if a Dog Eats Soap? We'll Let You Know

Well, my owner ran out of dog food because she doesn't order it on time! So she needed to head over to Mud Bay to get some Merrick's before we ran out. While this is a good thing (keeping us fed), Francesca was sad that she couldn't go too.

Francesca ate soap because our owner
wouldn't take her shopping! Here
she is pretending to be sick but she's not!
Since it was a quick errand our owner left us loose in the house. Usually we do ok but Francesca was really upset. So.... she went around the house looking for things to get into. Bingo! The bathroom door was ajar. Francesca figured this was her big chance to do something wrong. She went in and looked around. Not much was visible.

So then she looked behind the shower curtain. There was a partial bar of wet soap in the soap dish and a plastic razor! Francesca started by chewing on the razor. She chewed the handle off and decided to leave the parts for our owner to see. (Surely she would see the razor head and realize that Francesca could have cut herself and bled to death just because she didn't take her to Mud Bay!)

Then Francesca went back into the bathroom. The soap smelled good and looked like food so Francesca proceeded to lick it and carry it out onto the wood floor. She licked it until it was ALL GONE! Then she licked the soap dish clean.

Isn't this the cleanest soap dish you have ever seen?

Our owner came home with food and treats and we were very happy to see her. But then she spied the mess and was NOT happy to see Francesca! She got a bit worried and looked on the Internet to see what she should do about Francesca. Most articles said that soap, in itself, is not harmful. Dogs can get mild stomach upset and have some vomiting or diarrhea. The articles said to consult a veterinarian if these symptoms persist because the dog might get dehydrated.

We also read that a dog can get an obstruction if a large chunk of soap is swallowed. So we're watching Francesca. If she stops eating or vomits a lot we will take her to the vet.

I guess my owner will learn to keep the door to the bathroom closed from now on!

PS. Here's some info from the ASPCA

Love, Cinnamon, who didn't even lick the soap!


  1. I used to get after razors too - I'd pull out each blade and twist it up. But I never cut myself. Ever since den, da razors have been kept outta my reach.

  2. Yikes!! She ate soap?? I guess when I sees soap I just thinks "bath" so I's nevfur been tempted!


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