Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saved by my Upscale Dog Tag

Here's my fancy brass dog tag. It has my phone number on the other side.

I had quite an adventure yesterday. It was an exhausting day and I went to bed without dinner.

Here's what happened. I had my treats and was getting settled in the garage while my owner went to Portland for the afternoon. She was going on ANOTHER architectural walking tour. She promised to be back by dinner time.

Like I said, I was settling in and ALL OF A SUDDEN THE GARAGE DOOR OPENED! A little freedom had come in to my life! I trotted out and started doing some squirrel hunting in the cul de sac. Then the garage door closed, very mysteriously. And, later, out of the corner of my eye I saw my owner drive away.

Now I like freedom and have gotten out before. I'm not one of those dogs who comes home and waits on the front porch for their owner. Heck no! I follow my nose... wherever it might take me.

It's because of my tendency to follow my nose, that my owner buys things for me from
Remember the beautiful chile design collar my owner brought me from Gig Harbor? Well, she wouldn't let me wear it until I got my brass engraved dog tag from and that's what I had on yesterday. The tag gleamed in the sun while I trotted around the houses looking for squirrels. 

So I decided to go to the next street. I was walking by the house with the swimming pool and jet skis. The lady was working in her garage and saw me and my beautiful collar. She said, "come here, girl." And I went right to her. She looked at my fancy dog tag with my phone number and called the number. No answer. I thought she'd let me go but she didn't. She put me in their back yard.

All of a sudden, their dog, who I'll call Ms. Pitty-in-your-face, came running over. She was surprised to see me in HER yard. She decided I was there for a play date. She kept bugging me to play and wouldn't leave me alone. I was really annoyed... with her and about being trapped in her yard. So I lost my temper and growled and snapped at her. She finally backed off. Thank goodness! 

I looked for an open gate or a way out. There wasn't any. I started whining and cried a bit "I WANT TO GO HOME!" The lady tried to get my owner on the phone again with no answer.

About 5 pm something happened. She brought me inside her house and said MY OWNER WAS COMING TO GET ME! 
Here I am modeling my new collar and dog tag.

It was about dinner time, so she was coming to get me just as I was thinking about dinner and wondering what type of dog food Ms. Pitty-in-your-face ate. So I went home. I was so happy to be home, I went right to my cushy bed and went to sleep. You see, when you have a pit bull in your face, you don't get in very many naps!

And my owner learned a lesson. She removed the mini remote control for the garage door from her key ring. The remote turned on at the slightest touch and that's how I got out!

Love, Homebody Cinnamon


  1. I got out before and I just barked while standin in da front yard.

  2. I got out and went right to where Momma wuz gardenin... next time I went and hopped in her car, ridin' shotgun (she had been vacuumin' it out and da doors wuz open)...dat wuz when Jez da cat wuz alive... she opened da door frum da garage a coupla times (probably tryin' to see if us terrierz would leave) but us westies just stay home... Now Momma usta have bassets... and when they got out, they wuz gone!! She learned to padlock the gate...

  3. And why did Whitley go to the front yard and bark? Probably tellin' evfurryone it wuz her yard, her block, whutevfur. Whitley luvs to bark. Us terriers don't roam.. but we would chase a skwirrel or bunny if we saw one...

  4. We've gotten out a couple times but mom turns into a ninja and we always come running back! BOL!


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