Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Demand Plastic Surgery!

Here's what my nose used to look like
OK, I'll bet you wondered how long it would take me to start obsessing about my nose. If you have been reading my blog you know I received a scar during "paw to paw" combat at the Survival Camp where my owner left me.

While, initially, I thought it was cool and would help me fit in with those biker dogs, I have found that people no longer comment on how pretty I am. I AM NOT PRETTY!

It always made me happy when people said I was pretty. I'd prance around showing off my beautiful  perfect black and tan coat. I had a BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT NOSE too and people would comment on how my facial fur looked like make up.

But no more. My scar hasn't disappeared and it MAKES ME LOOK OLD! I am just an OLD SCARRED HOUND DOG. Jeesh, it's now like I was from the back woods or something... not from the toney arts town of Santa Fe.
Here's what my nose looks like now. UGH!

I have a solution. I WANT PLASTIC SURGERY. It can't take much to remove the scar and implant some hair where the scar was. I, cinnamon, am worth it.

Until that time, I am not so keen about being seen in public. I am now embarrassed. 

If you agree, please leave a comment below.

Signed, Cinnamon with the RUINED NOSE!


  1. Cinnamon, You do not need plastic surgery! You are beautiful even with your scar. That little scar gives you character!Please don't be sad!!

  2. Cinnamon Says: "It's NOT A LITTLE scar! It is huge! :( "

  3. Cinnamon ... I'm so sorry ... I still remember getting hit in the nose with a dictionary ... "watch yer 6" girlfriend!!!

  4. Cinnamon Says: "That's nothing! I was bitten and actually have four marks!"

  5. Cinnamon, Wear your 'Battle Damage' With pride! You are beautiful and if someone asks about it make the confident and snappy comment "You should see how the other guy looks!"

    My Charlie Girl was a Bear and Coyote dog in her youth before I took her as a rescue. She was missing half her tail one toe, an ear nip and had scars all over. You could see her bask in the attention when people would be told of why she was a tough looking "Old Gal" and then relish the pats and love she would get. Especially from old men who had hunted when they were young. "What a GOOD OLD GIRL!" they would say to her as they scruffed her beautiful Bluetick fur.

    A real beautiful girl is never perfect. She is beautiful and loved for who she is, And the scars of life are part of that love.

    Jim, Duke & Isla Beagle

  6. Cinnamon Says: "Thank you for your very kind comment. I'll try harder to adjust!"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon