Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cinnamon's Rant: Hounds don't like fru-fru flowers!

Here I am sleeping, unaware of what she is doing to my yard
I had a great morning at the dog park. I dodged raindrops and met some new amigos. One of them was a cute little redbone puppy. There were older dogs too. I gave them a snif and loped on down the trail. All of a sudden it started raining hard. Being a New Mexico hound by birth, I wondered why we didn't leave immediately. Instead we walked the perimeter trail one more time before heading home. I was soaked!

She turned up the car heater so my Honda Element became a huge hair dryer. By the time we did some errands and got home I was close to dry.

After my dog food, I headed upstairs to bed for a snooze. That's when it happened, I think. She took advantage of my shut-eye time.

A couple hours later I woke up and wanted to go outside. I ran downstairs and headed for the sliding glass door. That's when I saw it. The whole yard was messed up. It was a hound dog horror!
Here I am howling in disgust at what she had done

Oh no! In each corner she had placed little pots filled with flowers, the kind I couldn't nibble on. And on the patio, right where I wanted to run with my ball, she put a bird bath filled with MORE flowers. And it didn't stop! She put Mexican ceramic ducks next to the pots. Kind of like decoy ducks, but I knew the ducks and geese flying overhead wouldn't be fooled by Los Patos.

The flowers were everywhere. My play yard was ruined! Adding insult to injury, I was so embarrassed that I cancelled a play date with a hound friend from the countryside.

You see, we hound dogs, even though we live in urban neighborhoods, are country dogs. We don't WANT to be citified. We don't wear pink collars and we don't have our nails done. And we DON'T want our play yards all duded up with pots and cutesy flowers.

I loved my yard because it backed up to the woods. I could pretend I was still a hunting dog chasing coons, skunks and squirrels in the woods. I even had a hole in the back fence where I could sniff for that dratted cat that hunts birds. But NOW the hole was covered with a big blue pot and bleeding heart flowers. JEESH!
Here I am staring in shock and amazement at what has appeared in my play yard

I know my houndy friends who read this will be appalled. Hounds are country dogs, right? We don't want fru-fru flowers and little ceramic patos in OUR yards.

Rant over. I'm going to slink back to my doggie bed in total embarrassment.



  1. Sorry, hate to tell ya but Daisy LOVES her bling collars and she loves getting her nails done!! She still likes to chase the squirrels though.

  2. Cinnamon says: "That's just what I am afraid of. First it is flowers and next I am having my nails done!"

  3. Haha. Hate to say it my sweet houndy...but suck it up! Lok

  4. JoLynn: Cinnamon says.... "Haven't you heard that hounds are sensitive?"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon