Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Party Time at A Dog's Best Friend Day Care and More!

Hi. It's me, Francesca. I've got an exciting tale to tell. And Cinnamon didn't even get to go!

One Saturday I went for day care to A Dog's Best Friend on Hearthwood in Vancouver. Weekends are different there. There are more boarding dogs than day care dogs and less people. So I don't get as excited about going as I do when I get to go during the week! But this Saturday was different.

They were busy in the office area setting up tables. I was hoping it was a birthday party for one of the dogs and there would be tons of treats! I tried to watch what was going on and sniffed under the door to see if treats were involved.
A party on wheels!
Things got really interesting when a colorful van pulled up. It looked like it was going to be an art party. It said "Wine Fueled Painting Parties." Now I am not above trying to steal a swig of red wine if I see a glass out on the deck. So I'm up for that!

Would I get to do some paw painting? I'm good at putting my paws into something messy. I also am good at nose art. Would I be invited?

I had my lunch and no mention of inviting me to the party. Easels were set up and there was plenty of paints and blank canvasses. And I smelled something good. Mimosas, finger food and human treats. Apparently, much to my disappointment, it was going to be an art party for humans.
The party goers learned how to paint dogs.
So as I hung out with my friends, lots of humans drove up. These were dog-loving humans and they were going to be painting their best friends, the dogs! They were having a great time. Laughing and talking as they learned how to paint dogs. Some young people came to keep us entertained and I like that... very much. I asked one to sneak me some food and he wouldn't. He said the food was people food.

Artists at work painting their best friends.

Soon, the paintings were looking like dogs... all kinds of dogs. And I recognized some of them! When the party was just winding down, my owner showed up to get me. I was excited. Now I could see what all the commotion was about. I was wearing my turquoise Easter collar so figured I'd fit right in. I came rushing out the door (as usual) and stopped. People petted me and said I was cute. And I checked out the paintings as I rushed by.
I recognized some of these dogs!
Here's Alisha. I love the pink background!
Fantastic job!
And just before I went out the door I spied Alisha, my friend from the Riverview Vet Hospital. She and Dr. Kempner helped save me when I had pneumonia. She was painting a portrait of her dog. But then it was over and I hopped into my car to ride home to tell Cinnamon all about my exciting day.

You'll have to watch the Facebook Page for A Dog's Best Friend to see when the next painting party will be held. I already told my owner I want a portrait OF ME! I'll hang it in Cinnamon's and my room.

Love, Francesca


  1. Francesca totally agrees with you dear, Whitley! You always know just what to say!

  2. We had fun teaching the humans! -Jenny / Vine Gogh


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