Friday, August 29, 2014

Exploring Dog Friendly Kitsap Peninsula: Let's Go Tidepooling!

Here I am headed down the Suquamish
Fishing Dock
I'm taking a break from my geriatric dog care duties here in Poulsbo on the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington State. It's been misty out but that doesn't stop me from wanting a bit of adventure. And, I found out, it is excellent weather for checking out the tidal life along Agate Passage.

It's easy to find a beach on the Kitsap Peninsula because it is surrounded by water and easily accessible beaches. In fact, there are about 300 miles of shoreline! Much of that shoreline is dog-friendly. But I just wanted to travel a short distance today. I headed down the road about 8 miles and ran smack dab into Suquamish. Down to the water we went. I was excited. I couldn't wait to smell those smells and chase a few crabs and seagulls.

I noticed a huge public dock and there were people crabbing. Now that interested me. I could smell the crabs from the parking lot. So we walked down the long dock and checked out the people. Some children said I was "cute!" They said the crabbing was pretty good today. There was a sailboat moored at the end of the dock but we didn't go aboard. It was time for tide pooling, one of my favorite hobbies.
I loved this. The tide was out and it smelled really good on the beach.

Yep, the tide was out! I noticed a boat ramp and so we took that down to the rocky, crunchy beach. There were some seagulls there checking out the beach too so I figured there would be some interesting things to smell. Now, being a hound, my favorite thing to do is sniff around. I could care less if the beach is a sandy one where I can chase a frisbee. The Kitsap Peninsula has those too but I'd rather find a few crabs and check under the seaweed to see what's there.

I love finding stuff like this... a crab shell and fresh seaweed!
There were sea anenomes, crab shells and even a fish skeleton (which my owner wouldn't let me smell). It didn't even rain on me. Some boats were going by on the beautiful water and the waves from the wash lapped the shore, scaring me a bit. I like to wade in the water, but I'm NOT a swimmer!

I loved the marine air, I loved seeing the boats and I LOVED SMELLING THE CRABS! It was a great outing and made me want to do more. Maybe we'll check out the beach at Point No Point. I heard it's a great one for dogs!

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