Monday, July 1, 2013

Dogs Against Fireworks: Is it 4th of July yet?

Pop! Boom! Crackle! What the heck is this? I HATE 4th of July. I can't stand the sounds. I want this TO STOP NOW!

Dogs against fireworks.
Cinnamon HATES Fireworks!
This is my first 4th of July in a place that doesn't care about dogs. I am in Vancouver, WA and here it is the end of June and every night they set off fireworks. Now, I don't want to be scared, but I am. My owner closes windows, has moved my crate downstairs to a place far from windows but I still get scared.

Each evening it happens... Pop! Boom! Crackle! I find a new place to hide each night. One night it was under my desk, here. Another night it was in the hall under the hall table... you know, the one with Kachinas on it. (Their magic didn't help me!).

Zozobra was scary but it was only for one night.
I'm 5 and you'd think I would be used to it but.... in Santa Fe, where I grew up there just weren't that many private fireworks. I guess people were afraid of forest fires. 

And, in September during Fiesta they burned Zozobra and had tons of fireworks. But that was only ONE NIGHT!

Now if you, hounds and friends of hounds, agree with me, take this "Dogs Against Fireworks" graphic and put it on YOUR Facebook page or blog.

I think Clark County, here has gone crazy. They allow fireworks to be sold and fireworks to be set off.

Clearly they don't care about hounds like ME!

Love, Cinnamon, the sleepless hound.

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