Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cinnamon the Social Butterfly

Am I a Social Butterfly?
Today, at the dog park I was called "a social butterfly." Must be that I am a Black and Tan butterfly right? But, no... I was told that I am overly social and that's what it means. (overly?)

Isn't it expected that I greet all the dogs and humans that I encounter along the trail? I thought that was MY JOB! And I had no idea it meant I was some sort of butterfly.

Most dogs, especially hounds, are natural greeters. We have to check out all the dogs in the park and most of their owners too (sometimes they have treats). I usually sniff the other dog, check them out, say hello and keep on walking down the path looking for even newer dogs.

My favorite thing to do is wait in front of the gate to see who is coming into the park next. Will it be that cute little Shih Tzu or one of my houndy friends? The only ones I am not happy to see are the Great Danes or Dobermans. They are just too scary, even for this "Social Butterfly."

Naah, I thought about it when I laid down for my afternoon nap.  I'm not a social butterfly. I'm just plain social. Cinnamon is a friendly dog. I don't go to the dog park to run. I go to sniff, meet and greet! 
Here I am. All dressed up to go to a party!

I'd like to be a real "Social Butterfly" and all that it means. Now if I were invited to a party, I'd love that. I would be the center of attention. I could play hostess too and greet everyone that came through the door. And, of course, I'd look forward to all the food at the party!

So invite me. I might even wear my bestest jewelry!

Cinnamon, the party girl?

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