Friday, July 19, 2013

What do you do if you see a dog in a hot car?

Here I am in a nice cool car with my favorite people.
I was reading 'The Doggington Post' and came to a scary realization. Apparently it is not ok in all states to rescue a dog that has been left in the car in hot weather.

So what do people do? Just watch the poor dog die of heat stroke? This is really wrong. So here's an excerpt from that article:

"The North Carolina House passed a bill yesterday that gives explicit permission to use “any reasonable means” to rescue dogs and other animals left in hot cars. Currently, 14 US-states prohibit pet owners from leaving animals in hot vehicles, and most allow law enforcement officers to enter the vehicle to rescue a dog in distress."

But apparently this is one of those state by state laws. I was glad to read about the NC bill.  Full Article.

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