Friday, July 5, 2013

Cinnamon survived the 4th of July

Free at last! I think I'll go to the beach!
Hi, it's me, Cinnamon... and I survived. Last night it all started around 4pm. The Pop! Boom! Crackle! I thought I had it made because it has been almost a week of Pop! Boom! Crackle! and certainly the people in Vancouver, WA had run out of fireworks... WRONG!

Last night was a dog's nightmare. They had more Pop! Boom! Crackle! than I could ever imagine. It sounded like a war zone at my house. My owner closed all the windows and set the radio to my favorite classical music station. But that wasn't enough.

The Boom! echoed in the woods. The Crackle! never stopped and the Pop! got louder and louder. Why do people do this? I heard it was to celebrate independence. But for us dogs, it was all about IMPRISONMENT! The only place I felt safe was in my crate.

I did hear about some pretty caring things humans did for dogs during this difficult time. One man packed up his dog and headed for the Wallowa Mountains in eastern Oregon. In my old home, Santa Fe, New Mexico volunteers gathered at the animal shelter during fireworks time to calm the dogs and help them through the evening. HOWEVER... some uncaring humans decided to have the big fireworks celebration at the park right next to the shelter. IMAGINE!

But for all my ranting, the Fourth of July will go on. I just have to figure out some nice place to go next year where they don't like all the Pop! Boom! Crackle! either.

Here's a cartoon that dogs will appreciate. I know I do! Grrrrrrrrrr

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