Monday, July 15, 2013

I was GOOD at the Dog Park!

Here I am listening to my owner call me. Or was it the treat bag I was listening to?
Well, I decided I didn't like signs on me. I have fun at the dog park, but I don't like to go home and get shamed.

So today, my owner brought a tiny bag of two Paul Newman treats into the park. (You know, those yummy heart-shaped treats). That got my attention.

I had a wonderful time running and romping. I ran with a pack for awhile and then backed off when they got too rough and bayed at them. They call me the "umpire" when I do that.

So I ran down the hill and when we turned the corner to go toward the gate. I was soooo good. I came when I was called, got my leash clipped on and then got my treats.

So the big question is... did I train my owner or did my owner train me? :)

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