Monday, July 22, 2013

Coonhound Rant: They Clipped My Nails and I Hate Them!

I am so upset. I went to the vet's office for a shot and my owner asked them to check and see if my nails needed clipping. I know it's annoying when I jump in the back of the car and the click, click sound made by my nails is really loud! I know it's annoying when I run on the carpet and leave skid marks. But I don't think the vet's office is THE PLACE for me to get my nails done.
Here's my beautiful paws and nails, the way they should look

So imagine my surprise when they took me back for my shot and then they grabbed my beautiful coonie paws and clip, clip, clipped all my nails. My beautiful pointy long nails ended up all over the floor. It was done in an instant and I was so shocked.

There I was walking out of the back room quietly... no clicky sounds at all. I guess that's ok but what burns me is that my nails have no shape. They were blunt cut! And, they weren't even filed.

I now have blunt LITTLE nails like a common dog!

Gone are my beautiful Coonie Nails on my beautiful Coonie Toes. Coonhounds have long toes like fingers. We use them to climb trees or, like me, to rub my eyes in the morning and to hold my bones while I try to eat the marrow out of the middle.
Here's my ugly blunt nails now.
And notice, no nail polish either!

I take pride in my Coonie Paws. But now, I am embarrassed to be seen in public.

Look what they did to me! I think I'll go hide in my crate and sulk.


Cinnamon with the ugly nails.


  1. Awwww they grow back Cinnamon. Maybe Mommy can paint them hot pink for you tomorrow ♥ Teresa

  2. Cinnamon Says: "Thanks Teresa. I was thinking more sparkly blue?"

  3. Dat sucks! My human does that to me too! Then I jump on her and scratch up her legs with the raw edges...that'll teach her! - Peach

    1. Cinnamon Says: "Hmmm, now that would teach her!"

  4. Mya, who is a July Hound looks exactly like Cinnamon, same colors and all also can't stand to have her nails clipped. They must be cousins! Tammara

  5. We think so! Just like cinnamon! Mya also thinks she's a princess. She doesn't know she's a dog.


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon