Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cinnamon Votes. Cinnamon cares about Vancouver USA

Cinnamon votes. Cinnamon cares about Vancouver quality of life.
I have before me a voter's pamphlet for the August 6th primary election of Vancouver City Council members. While I initially thought I should toss this away in the recycling, I started reading it on one of the hotter days of summer. I was lying on my favorite wood bench in my ever-so-safe backyard listening to the twitter of birds in the woods.

Suddenly it came upon me. Maybe I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Maybe these people running for City Council will take a stand on MY ISSUE... the danger of fireworks and the length of which fireworks are set off in Vancouver. One of my friends from Portland said recently, "They sure love their fireworks over there in Vancouver, don't they?" I just growled to myself and ignored him.

You see, I had a really rough initiation into living in Vancouver. I moved here at the end of March and loved my quiet family neighborhood with the woods backing up to MY back yard. I loved sitting out in the evening as the sun set. All was peaceful and I did my part to keep down my barking and make this a quiet, stress-free place to live.

But come the end of June, NOT THE 4th of JULY, all heck broke loose. Fireworks were set off every evening, long into the night. And, of course on the 4th of July, it was like a war zone. Now I understood what the 4th of July means to humans.... FREEDOM! But it must be more about FREEDOM TO SCARE DOGS! Those of you who read my blog remember that I felt caged in my crate as that is where I went at the first hint of a firework. It went on for SIX DAYS! That was before and after 4th of July, mind you. Life was tough. I got little sleep and even my owner was walking around with dark circles under her eyes.

Now, when I talked to one of the nice ladies at a fireworks stand (I was doing research, not buying!) she told me that in 2014 Vancouver had decided the following:

In October of 2012 the Vancouver City Council approved an ordinance that will go into effect in 2014. Legal sales dates in the City limits of Vancouver will be 3 days long - July 2, 3 & 4.
Fireworks may only be used on July 4 in 2014 within the Vancouver City limits.
It is important for residents and visitors to observe all laws about the use of fireworks. Be aware of legal dates and times for use. Fines begin at $250 for fireworks use outside of legal times and dates of use. Fines for use of illegal fireworks begin at $500. Full Text

Now that sounds mighty good. I can handle one night of fireworks. Maybe I'll even go out of town, who knows? But my concern is that no one will enforce this and the noise will go on for days and days. Will anyone running for City Council or anyone on the Vancouver City Council address this?

I know that fireworks were not allowed on some of the nights we heard them here. And to tell you the truth I have never seen a police car cruise my neighborhood. Not once! And, believe me, people park in the fire lanes all the time (despite the signs).

So who can reassure me that there will be peace in my neighborhood come July 4th 2014 (and before and after). Will I be safe? Please leave your comments below.

Cinnamon, Executive Director
Dogs Against Fireworks


  1. A comment from a City Council candidate:
    "Dear Cinnamon,
    I’m sorry, but we can’t reassure you that there will be peace in you neighborhood in 2014.
    As long as fireworks are sold, people will set them off.
    I can only imagine how difficult it was for you.
    You’re closer to the ground and the noise is more vibrant, the flashes brighter and the smells stronger. Your superb nose probably picked up on those smells.
    So remember next year to stay close to your family. They’ll try to help you. We’ll continue to work on the problem. Keep working on your blog.
    Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Candidate for Vancouver City Council, Position 3"

  2. Yay, Anne McEnerny-Ogle!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon