Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dogs Against Fireworks National Headquarters - Ready for Action!

National Headquarters - Dogs Against Fireworks
Well, it's me Cinnamon, all hunkered down in my National Headquarters. You see, I am probably the only dog-advocate advocating for the elimination of Pop! Boom! Crackle! I've had a hard time adjusting to all the fireworks.

Last night the Pop! Boom! Crackle! began around 5pm and lasted to well past 11 pm. And about 3am I was serenaded by some coyotes. And they were scary coyotes... unlike the coyotes in New Mexico that sing Mariachi songs in harmony.

And today, I was ever so tired. My owner took pity on me and got me over to wade in the Columbia River before it all started again.

I also did a bit of sleuthing and found out why there are so many Pop! Boom! Crackle! explosions here in Vancouver, WA. I was surprised (as a newcomer.) Just wait until my Expose' article on that!

So I'm getting used to this. By 5pm I found myself hunkered down in the National Headquarters for Dogs Against Fireworks (DAF HQ). Our hours are 5pm - 11pm (and all day on the Fourth of July until Midnight) because that is when all the Pop! Boom! Crackle! happens.

The National Headquarters is conveniently located in my crate which is where I go when I'm scared. If you have a choice, DO NOT BUY FIREWORKS! Take pity on the dogs, please!

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  1. A reader says: "Tell Cinnamon that she's not the only dog in that org lol."


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