Saturday, July 27, 2013

Adventures in Suburbia

Today was one of those "Cinnamon Stay" days. I didn't get to go anywhere. I was stuck at home in the suburbs. Yep, I live in Vancouvria and they make fun of our town on YouTube. It's mostly Portlanders that laugh at where I live. It works for me because I am a coonhound and fit in well with gun-toting Clark County folks (well as long as all they do is tote the guns).

So, back to today. I had some amazing adventures. Of course I slept a lot but I was jolted awake by the sound of "Rocky the Flying Squirrel" leaping from branch to branch in the treetops.

Rocky is my backyard squirrel. He taunts me and then runs into the trees in the woods and climbs higher and higher. Sometimes I get a neck ache from watching him. You'll notice Rocky is part of the Vancouvria logo.

So that's Rocky. Well, then there is the daily battle of the hummingbirds. That's always interesting. 

I have two types of hummers in my yard. "Colibrita," is an Anna's Hummingbird. She's kind of small. And then there is the big meany bird... "Rufous," who is rough and chases Colibrita from the feeder. Rufous has some pretty spectacular copper red feathers. Colibrita is kind of a dull green. I always root for Colibrita, my friend. She comes back to the feeder after Rufous is out of the area. She's pretty smart.
This is Colibrita

So between Rocky the Flying Squirrel and the battle of the hummers, there is always something to watch in my yard in the suburbs.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to go shopping at Old Navy (insider joke). Of course we go to the one at Jantzen Beach in Oregon so we don't have to pay sales tax!

Signed, Cinnamon in Vancouver, Washington

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