Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dog Blog: Davie the Dog

Here's a picture of Ellie when they went camping. She's cool!
I found another blog. This one features a dog name Davie and is called, Davie the Dog. Now Davie is cute but the dog I really enjoy in the blog is named Ellie. Ellie is a really big hound and, like me, has a sense of humor.

According to the blog, Davie's Bluetick Coonhound sisiter is PR Davis Branch Bayou Emmi Bleu. Emmi arrived in April 2012 after a trip to Shelbyville, TN. She is from Davis Branch Blueticks, home of the University of Tennessee's Smokey X.

This is a Bluetick with credentials! Wow! I was impressed.

Look at this movie of Ellie. She's a hoot! Ellie should be the star of this blog, IMHO. Maybe they could change the blog name to Ellie the Dog?

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  1. Darlin' Cinnamon,

    Ms. EMMI is a lovely dog, (not Ellie). Her Mom is a close friend of mine, and I have stayed over at Davie and Emmi's place once or twice when my folks go on roadtrips I can't be on. As you can see, their house is a very active place, with much running and lots of noise. I get quite exhausted when I visit, but we sure have fun. Next time you are heading for Haida Gwaii, you need to stop into Prince George, BC which is on the way to and from Prince Rupert. Emmi, Davie and I all live in PG. We have snow in the winter, and it is so much fun! Love, Molly the mini Labradoodle!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon