Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cinnamon gets the scoop on Fireworks

Here's the fireworks sales tent where they sell those noisy things.
Today I took my "Dogs Against Fireworks (DAF) campaign to the streets. I decided to confront the enemy face to face. We pulled up to a brightly decorated white tent on a Vancouver street. Now, this was just one of many. It seems the these sales tents are on every commercial corner. It's hard to avoid them!

So I wanted to see WHY ON EARTH people buy these things that go Pop! Boom! Crackle! and keep me awake and scared every DURN night. I walked in and there were some teenagers and nice ladies selling the fireworks. When they found out what I was up to, they actually AGREED WITH ME that fireworks were a noise issue. And they had dogs that got scared too.

I didn't ask why they sold them but figured it was a fund raiser for a high school team or band. Kids need to earn money for these things.

I snooped around the brightly colored packages. Some were rather scary... and their names were REALLY scary. Why do people buy these things? I just don't get it.
Here's the scary packaging.

However, my investigative reporting paid off. I found out that In October of 2012 the Vancouver City Council approved an ordinance that will go into effect in 2014. Legal sales dates in the City limits of Vancouver will be 3 days long - July 2, 3 & 4. Fireworks may only be used on July 4 in 2014 within the Vancouver City limits. JUST ON JULY 4th! Yay! 

Now I live in the city limits because I am an urban coonhound so this suits me just fine. Those rural coonhounds are probably used to gunfire anyway.

So after visiting with the nice ladies and realizing that my work is done in Vancouver, I went to the dog park to run a victory lap and blow some steam off.

I think I'll close the DAF National Headquarters and take a nap. After all, it will probably be really noisy tonight and definitely noisy tomorrow!

Happy Fourth of July,

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