Monday, July 8, 2013

Vancouver, WA Ross Dog Park: Hills, Friends, Woods and Moles

Here I am making new friends at the Ross Dog Park in Vancouver, WA
When I moved to Vancouver, WA I thought I was in dog heaven. It was green, there was sweet grass and plenty of trees. In fact, I was really excited about the Dakota Dog Park. There were nice people there, lots of dogs and a wooded area I called my glen.

But recently I yearned for more. Maybe it is because I was going through withdrawal from playing on the beaches of Sandspit, BC. Tidepooling there was pretty durn good. But, between you and me, I got frustrated there because I couldn't be off the leash.
Some crafty dog lover painted this garbage can area

So I was really interested when I found a new dog park on the Internet... Ross Off-Leash area. I was excited when I found out that it was not all that far from my house. I showed the information to my owner and we headed over there. We went yesterday and we went today. And, I just LOVE IT THERE!
Here's a new friend coming to greet me. Hi Buddy!

The dogs are friendly and come to greet me as I trot around the park. I even run up and down the hills. There's plenty of shade under big trees for resting.
Here's one of the hilly trails. Sometimes I run up and down them. I'm so cool!

First of all, it's bigger than the Dakota Park and there is more room for dogs. There are hills to climb and lots of trails with trees. The paths are bark chips and dirt. They let the grass grow a little so I can hop around in it and hunt for things like moles. And, today, I found one!
Here I am mole hunting! (I didn't catch it though)
Yesterday there were about eight Great Danes at the Ross Dog Park. I watched them romp and play but kept my distance because big dogs scare me. They were having so much fun with dogs their own size. Today there were two Weimaraner mix dogs that just were hounds to me! One was older but one was a puppy. We had a great time playing and RUNNING! Imagine, me, Cinnamon, RUNNING! I haven't done that for awhile.
Here's me running. I'm winning the race!
Sometimes I forget that there is a fence around this park because I feel so free. I follow the path but sometimes I just run through the grass or stop and sniff an area. I think this dog park smells better to humans than the other one because it is bigger and the dogs have more room for playing and pottying.
Here's one of the big trees where you can rest in the shade.

The main drawback to the Ross park is that there is no water available. Owners have to bring bottled water and bowls but then dogs like me go over and drink some, even if we aren't invited. Even my dog park in Santa Fe had a pump and a big bowl for water. I guess it is expensive to put in water lines. I know Dog Paw would do it if they could.

Here I am visiting some dogs. I'm really social!

I think Ross is a great place for people too. I see them sitting under trees reading and talking while the dogs have fun. I'm all for dogs having fun without interference from their owners!
Here's one place where owners can sit and LEAVE US DOGS ALONE!

Except for the water issue, I just LOVE the Ross dog park here in Vancouver. I SO APPRECIATE everything Dog Paw and the City of Vancouver does for us dogs. It makes me feel welcome and appreciated.

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography

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