Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why I don't go on 10K Volkswalks - Cinnamon makes excuses

Here's Joe and Karen registering for a 10K
They are much too fast for me!
Well my owner just got back from another one of her long walks. They are called Volkswalks (some call them volksmarches) and she's been doing this type of non-competitive walking since the 70's (that's the 1970's!) which is way before I, or any of my recorded ancestors, was even born. 

So when she registers for the walks, there is always someone there asking why I, Cinnamon, don't come. Well to tell you the truth, when she left for the walk this morning I was still curled up in a cute coonie ball on my bed!

So here's why I don't go on volkswalks in the middle of summer:

1. Most of my fur is black. I am a solar collection device and get hot walking in the sun. I get even hotter if I have to walk on pavement. When that happens I just seek out shade, whether it's on the route or not.

2. Volkssports means "sport of the people," in German. I am a dog.

3.  I am a hound and I love nothing more than to spend time sniffing. Walkers like to walk, not sniff. Sniffing slows them down and they get grumpy.
Here I am doing what I do best... sniffing

4. I am a coonhound and we are, by nature, sprinters. We see a critter and we chase them (as long as it doesn't take too long to tree them.) 10K is 6.2 miles. That is longer than most coonhounds go. I can be a fast runner but only for short periods of time.

5. I have to be on the leash during volkswalks. I like to be OFF THE LEASH so would rather go to the dog park!

So that's pretty much why I don't go with my owner on volkswalks. I might try one when the weather cools off this fall or winter.  We'll see.

They say volkssporting is all about Fun, Fitness and Friendship and... FOOD!

I'm a very social dog so would fit in as far as friendship goes. And I sure like to eat so I'd fit in there! But I prefer to work on my fitness either lounging on my bed or chasing dogs at the dog park.

If you people want to know about Volkswalks, just go to the American Volkssport Association website.

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  1. Oh, Cinnamon, you silly girl! Zooey runs with me regularly,and she's even run ten miles once! We stop to have a drink now and then, but she loves it. You never know - you might, too! :)


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