Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cinnamon has a rough day

In case you want to know... I'm going to Dakota Dog Park today.
Yesterday was not what I expected. I was all excited to get to the dog park and do my sniffing and visiting. I got through the gate and headed for the notice board (I always check the notices to see what's new). A big yellow labrador came bounding down the hill to greet me. She was very sweet. We visited awhile and then I headed up the hill.

I went up to the area where the trees, meadow and great smells are and stayed there for awhile... smelling and rolling.

The nice lady who does doggie day care came by with her nice dogs. We greeted her and then I looked up toward the hill. There was a humongous animal looking right down at ME. Was it a dog or was it a horse? I wasn't sure what it was. It was just BIG! I was scared and it wasn't. I decided to bay... and bay I did. I howled my houndiest howl and let that BIG THING know not to mess with me. Eventually it came down the hill and actually ran like a puppy. It bypassed me and went to see the people. Phew!

So I thought all the problems were over. I headed for the upper gate and all of a sudden this blue "dingo-type" dog came up to me. I wasn't sure if he wanted to play or not. I turned around, kind of scared. Then it happened. He snapped at me. He growled at me. I got really scared. So I snapped and growled back. I haven't looked that mean in eons. But I thought that aggression called for aggression. He backed off.

I decided to check him out and see what he was. Was he a Dingo? Was he a Hyena? Or maybe just a mis-placed cattle dog. He saw me coming close and turned around, bared his teeth and snapped at me. I snapped back and it ended.

But that wasn't the end. Then my owner got scared and talked to his owner. She asked if she had a leash. Then she clipped MY leash on ME, hoping the other dog's owner would also leash her dog. I was led down the hill like a common criminal and I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! It was SELF DEFENSE! So, after all that excitement, we just left the dog park. I decided I didn't mind and gobbled down my treats.

Later, at home.... after my nap, of course, I was surfing the Internet trying to figure out what to do about the incident.

I came upon a discussion on thedogdendigest.com that was discussing dog fights at the dog park and the writer said: "Leash your dog. Reprimand him or her sternly. Then apologize profusely to the other dog's owner. If your dog was the instigator and has caused some harm or injury to the other dog, immediately and without equivocation offer to pay the vet bill."

Then I went to the DogPaw list of rules and it said: " Dogs MUST be removed from the park at the first sign of aggression." Well, DogPaw is in charge and I am TICKED OFF! As I was being led to the gate to leave the park, I looked up on the hill and saw that mean Dingo-dog running and playing. His owner did not "remove" him at all.

Today I think I will go to my old dog park, Dakota Dog Park. I need a break from all this drama!

Signed, Cinnamon the non-aggressive hound

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