Sunday, March 9, 2014

Today I get to go home!

I've worked hard all week taking care of my Country Cousins. I've sacrificed sleep, I've missed my dog park and... most of all I've missed my cushy bed.

I found out that these ol' dogs don't sleep as much as I do. As soon as it is dark (and after, dinner, of course) I like to go to bed. Remi and Indy stay up bugging my owner for treats and asking to go outdoors (maybe 20 times) and after all that, they go to bed.
Here's where I sleep at the Country Cousins'
Then in the morning I like to sleep in after my owner gets up. Indy and Remi get up as soon as they see her arise and ask to go outside. Then they bug her for breakfast. Because I'm afraid of missing a meal, I keep one ear on what's going on in the kitchen. When I hear food being prepared, I get up, no matter what time it is. YAWN!

Sometimes I go back to bed after breakfast, especially when it's raining. I took over the bed in the den, here. It's a fine bed but it is nothing like my cushy bed at home.

Today is a good day because we are going home.... to MY BED!
Here's where I sleep at home sweet home!
Love, Tired Cinnamon

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  1. I like goin on trips, but dere are nuffin like comin home.


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