Thursday, March 13, 2014

Noooo. Not a Cat Cafe!

Cat Cafe in Japan (Wikipedia)
Oh please... not HERE!

My owner reads Eater PDX, a fantastic e-newsletter that helps her keep up with the trendy Portland, Oregon culinary scene. But what I saw when I looked at her computer was enough to make me sick! Get ready for this...

"Apparently it's now a full-on race to open the first cat cafe on the West Coast:WWeek reports cat-lover/fulfiller-of-dreams Kristen Castillo hopes to open Purringtons Cat Lounge, a hybrid bar/cafe/shelter that's home to between 10-12 cat residents."

Apparently people who don't have pets will want to come to the cafe to play with the cats. Now, I, Cinnamon, don't really like cats and think this is a bad idea.

I am hoping that equal time will be given to dogs and SOMEONE will open a DOG CAFE.

I read further and found out that there are plans to open cat cafes in San Francisco and a place called Catfe announced plans to open in Los Angeles (pending a Kickstarter campaign). (Please don't donate to this! Just donate to your local humane society or shelter)

Oh horrors!

Uneasily yours, Cinnamon

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