Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coming Soon: A BIG Giveaway for BIG Dogs and Cats

I'll bet that got your attention. By BIG, I really mean pudgy. You know, that condition that happens with you get too many treats and too little exercise. I have quite a few friends like that. Fortunately, for me, I go to the Dog Park  four or five times a week so I keep my weight down.

But I've been studying up. I'm on assignment to write about a new metabolic weight loss product for dogs and cats. I've learned a lot... how to determine if you are overweight, how to lose weight without giving up food or treats, and much more. I'll be posting all of this next week. And the best thing is that I'll be giving away ten starter packages of the product worth lots of money!

One day I was working on my article and the door bell rang. It was the UPS man. And he had a package JUST FOR ME! Of course I was excited. I saw that it was from Hill's, the company that makes the product I am researching. I hoped it wasn't more material to read because I've been reading A LOT!
Here I am opening my SURPRISE!
 Surprisingly it was GIFTS.... THANK YOU GIFTS!
One of the gifts was a blanket for my bed. But I thought it was a TOY
I got it taken away from me. :(

Be sure and check back next week to hear about all of this and to find out how you can sign up for the GIVEAWAY!

Love, Svelt Cinnamon

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