Friday, March 7, 2014

Cinnamon Explores the Fish Park in Poulsbo Washington

I guess it's not a Dog Park
I was excited. I had a few hours off from watching the Country Cousins and was invited to go to a new place along Dogfish Creek. It was a park. Now since the creek was named Dogfish, I thought it could be a DOG PARK, right?

This was a special outing because I got to go with my owner ALL ALONE. No Remi and no Indy. Now it isn't like I felt good about leaving them. They looked at me with sad eyes when I got my leash and harness on. But I needed a break from taking care of them. I needed to have some FUN!

We drove to central Poulsbo and turned into a park with a big rock marking the entrance. This must be the dog park, I thought to myself. But on the rock was chisled... "FISH PARK!" Can you imagine... a park for fish? (and not dogs?) What was I going to see? Salmon on swings and minnows sliding into the pond?
Here's one of the ponds. But I didn't see any fish.

It turned out that the Fish Park is a 36 acre nature park and was for much more than fish. Humans and dogs on leashes were more than welcome.

It also turned out that I loved the Fish Park. There are 1.5 miles of trails and .25 miles of really nice boardwalk. I loved the boardwalk because my nails clicked as I trotted along.

It is a place for birds, too. I saw some and believe I saw an eagle circling high above. Near the new amphitheater, I heard frogs. I went to explore the wetlands hoping to scare a frog or two but they hid and quit croaking. They must have seen me coming. It was a great place anyway. I got to wade and I noticed some pussy willows growing. IT WAS SPRING!

I went wading in hopes of scaring some frogs

I really like walking on the boardwalk.
I really enjoyed the Fish Park. But know what? I didn't see one fish... not one!

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