Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break: I like kids!

Today it was just like Spring should be... sunny, warm and full of fun. The grass was green at my favorite dog park. And, the mountain was OUT!
It's a special day at the dog park when we can see Mt. Hood peeking out!

It was all around a good day. But soon, it turned into a GREAT DAY! I didn't realize that it was Spring Break. I didn't realize the kids were out of school.

I grumbled at some playful dogs at the Dog Park. Then I went off to myself and ate grass. Soon I saw some kids playing on the mounds of grass. Now usually that was reserved for us, but the kids were having so much fun I decided to investigate. All of a sudden I had a NEW FRIEND. One of the girls wanted to know my name. And then she wanted to know if I was friendly. Well, I showed her. I went right up to her and got petted. I looked really friendly (because, actually, I am).
Here I am playing with my new friends.
Then we played a game of hide in the drainage pipe. Then we climbed the mounds and had a great time. All the way, the girls called my name. They LIKED ME! I played with them and had a great time. Soon other dogs joined us and it wasn't so much fun. I liked to be their SPECIAL DOG FRIEND.

Now that I know about Spring Break, I think I want to go out to the Brush Prairie Dog Park every day. I love kids and kids LOVE ME!

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