Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another Gorgeous Hound is a PetBox Winner!

Now before you say anything.... there is no favoritism here. The winners of my contests are fairly chosen. I don't get to pick the winner at all!

Believe it or not a very cute Black and Tan Coonie won the PetBox from my contest. His name is Charlie and he looks a lot like me. He might be a distant cousin or something. (NO! I DIDN'T CHEAT AND GIVE HIM THE BOX!).
Here's Charlie opening the PetBox (lucky dog!)
You never know what is going to be in a PetBox. I just love the duck toy that was in mine. I tore it up a bit and I am waiting for it to be repaired. It might be a long wait!

Here's Charlie looking to find the best thing in the box.

Here's what Charlie's family wrote:
"We got the PetBox last Thursday!  Charlie loved it and we loved it because it had a furminator for short haired dogs!  I have attached some pictures of him with the box.  The second one is him chewing on the water buffalo ear that was in it.  Thank you so much for your giveaways and we love following Cinnamon and her adventures!"

Rachel, Michael and Charlie

Here's Charlie with that gourmet Water Buffalo Ear. He really likes it!
I'm jealous of Charlie. I didn't get a Water Buffalo Ear in MY box!

Love, Cinnamon

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