Friday, July 10, 2015

My Country Cousin Goes Over the Rainbow Bridge

This has been a rough couple of weeks. First the terrible fireworks and then the news that Country Cousin Remi headed over the Rainbow Bridge. Now Remi was 14 years old, but that doesn't make the news any easier.

Beautiful Remi
If I hadn't moved to Washington State I would have never met Remi. Now I have to admit our first meeting wasn't all that pleasant. He growled and barked at me. Imagine!

But after we spent some time in the backyard and pasture together and got treats from Tom together we became pretty good friends.

Remi was privileged because of his advanced age. He got to sleep in the master bedroom. I had to sleep with Cousin Indy in the den when we visited. What I remember most about Remi was that he had a beautiful shiny coat. It was soft and pretty. And, he tried to play balls with us in the pasture even though he was, well.... old. He had the spirit of a puppy.

So I'll bet now that he's Over the Rainbow Bridge, he's running and chasing all those rainbow colored balls... and getting treats too!

Farewell, my cousin....



  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Cinnamon! I'm sure you will miss Cousin Remi.

  2. Sorry for the loss of Remi... sendin' hugs...

  3. Cinnamon says... "Sniff, I'm sad but he lived a good life. I'm glad to have friends like all of you who are so caring and supportive. Sniff"


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