Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dog Park Drama

Hi, it's me, Cinnamon. I've been having some "issues" at the dog park lately and it's not all Francesca's fault, really!
Here I am enjoying a stick with Francesca.
See how innocent we are... minding our own business?
Let me tell you what's going on. There is a man that comes to the park with two dogs... an older doxie and a young rescue dog that is really weird (are there mental health clinics for dogs?). Well, we found out the young dog had problems when Francesca went up to him one day to play. He didn't react like other dogs at all. He put his tail between his legs and ran around trying to protect the doxie who didn't need any protection at all (or want any). Francesca kept trying to play with the young dog just because he was young. And that's the way he reacted time after time. In fact, the poor young dog acted like that with most dogs that approached him... scared and protective at the same time. Weird!

Now we walk around with the nice couple who have a labrador retriever and a greyhound. They act like normal dogs and we like them! In fact Francesca plays a little game with the lab. She takes the dog's frisbee and plays keep away with it.
Here's the greyhound having fun at the dog park.
Here we are walking around with the nice people who have nice dogs.
OK, so here's the next really dramatic thing that goes on. I call it the "little dog problem." You see, there is a special fenced part of the park for little dogs. Do you think their owners would take them there? Nope! When questioned, the owners say, "My little dog can handle the big dogs." Many of them are aggressive and GET IN MY FACE. I can't stand that and so I snap back and put the little dogs in their place (as it is). I really think the little dogs should go in the little dog section so I am not tempted to lay down the law!
Here's a selfie I, Francesca, took at the dog park!
Hi, it's me, Francesca. I have an issue to add. It's the "mean farmer issue." I run around the whole dog park with my friends minding our own business. Then from out of the farm house across the street comes two dogs into their fenced yard. They bark at us and bark at us. The farmer gets so mad he yells at our owners for allowing us to get too close. MIND YOU, WE ARE STILL IN OUR DOG PARK WHEN THIS HAPPENS! I don't like some of the naughty words that are used. I, Francesca, am just a young thing and this upsets me.

Cinnamon, again.... Well, you can see how exciting it is to go to the dog park. Sometimes Francesca and I have to go home early because our owner thinks part of these things are our fault. IMAGINE!

Love, Cinnamon and Francesca


  1. Glad you two girls are having fun at the park!!

  2. I don't go to dog parks cuz I's such a crazy lil dog.


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