Sunday, July 19, 2015

My First Day at Day Care by Francesca

Let me introduce myself. I am Cinnamon's intern, Francesca. Cinnamon is allowing me to write this, only because she is too tired from a romp at the dog park this morning to do much of anything. So here goes...

By Francesca the Coonhound

One day on the way to the post office, we stopped in to a very interesting building. In the building were many dogs. Big dogs and little dogs. And, there were people too.

We visited and then I was signed up for Day Care. It is a lot like pre-school. 

On my first day I was barely out of bed and Cinnamon's owner walked me several blocks to the building with the dogs. It is named "A Dogs' Best Friend."

I went inside and they took me to the back room where I waited for the other dogs to get there. I was very excited as each one came in. I played and played.

We had a lunch break and I got lunch and a nap. But I kept one eye open to watch the other dogs.

In the afternoon it was hot so we got misted with water out in the play yard. I played and played.

About 5:30 Cinnamon's owner came to get me. I got a treat in the lobby and then walked home with her. I was pretty tired.
I think this is why they enrolled me in Day Care.
Once I got home, Cinnamon was there to greet me at the door. We had some dinner and then lazed around most of the evening. Cinnamon said she got a good rest while I was at Day Care and wished I would go more often. 

So that is the story of my first day at Day Care. I can't wait to go back.

Editor's Note: I've graded this essay as a C. That's a pretty good start. She got the high mark for correct spelling. I marked her down for lack of descriptive phrases and repetition. Also, I'll have to teach her to use big words like I, Cinnamon, do!

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