Monday, February 9, 2015

Dog IDs Saves the Day with New Personalized Name Plate on my Dress Collar

I'm not one to stick around home if the door or gate is open. I love to explore! So my over-protective owner buys identification collars from .  dogIDs has a range of tags, collars and more, all with personalization offered. I've been wearing their reflective collars with my name and phone number embroidered on them since the first time I slipped out of the back gate in Santa Fe.

Since my owner loves me, she decided, a couple of years ago, to order a beautiful leather collar. And it had a metal plate where she had my name, home town and phone number engraved. I loved it and only wore it for special occasions like going to see the Budweisder Clydesdales and for parties.
This was the Signature Double Ply Leather Safety collar we ordered

So late last year we moved. We had a new address and new phone number! My dress collar, still in perfect condition, had the wrong phone number on it. What to do? WHAT TO DO?

Fortunately for me dogIDs offers new plates for those collars for ONLY $5.00! That including shipping the collar and new plate back after they replaced it. So, of course, we shipped my beautiful leather collar off to them for an update. And it came back FAST!

Here I am eating grass in my new home with my new
engraved plate with my name and new phone number on it!
So now, when I want to dress up, look really upscale, or otherwise impress everyone, I have a collar for the occasion. And, to be safe, I have the right phone number engraved on it!
Looking beautiful in my leather collar.
Keep safe while looking gorgeous. Try out identification collars from .Their customer service is tops!

Love, Cinnamon

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