Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fireworks Blog: July 2nd 2015

Hi Guys:

Well, I survived July 1st. I built my bunker and felt ready for whatever the neighborhood had in mind for me. I even took a walk after the sun set and it cooled off. I talked to some neighbors about fireworks (they plan to set them off on the 4th) and their little girl admitted she didn't like them. I'm with her!

So when it was time to go to bed I heard fireworks in the distance. I was pretty tired by then so just walked into my safety zone where my travel bed was. That's the outer perimeter of my Fireworks Hiding Place. It's just outside the door of my bunker.
This is the outer perimeter of my Fireworks Safety Zone.
My bunker is built just to the left of where my travel bed is here.
I flopped on my travel bed and went to sleep, listening to the rush of the air conditioner. I suppose the fact my owner sleeps in that room too helped... just a little bit.

I slept through the fireworks and through the night. It was a good July 1st.

Love, Cinnamon

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