Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to Help Your Dog During Fireworks

I’m building my bunker, my safety zone, today. Last night I was happy lying on my regular bed in my regular room, the den when…. Snap, pop, boom! The first fireworks of the “holiday,” were set off, illegally.

Legal or not, I am scared of fireworks. So I walked, calmly to my owners room where I have my designated safety zone. When I am scared, I head for the center of the house and look for a place with no windows. This is the same place that humans would seek if there was a tornado. I’m good at finding my safety zone. Friends of mine like the laundry room or under the stairs.

My safety zone in this house is the master bathroom. No windows, in the center of the house and somewhat safe, I believe. I hide in the back and, if it is open, I’ll crawl into the shower stall. So last night I was just a little bit scared so I sat on the bath mat. My owner saw me and got out my travel bed and put it in the vanity nook… about a foot from where I was hiding. Once the sound stopped, I decided the travel bed looked safe enough, so I slept there all night.
Here I am in the center of the house.
I have my travel bed set up. I'll also be building a safety bunker in the shower stall.
That's to the left of this bed in the vanity area. 
Now I am fully aware, as Executive Director of Dogs Against Fireworks, that there will be more…. Louder, scarier and illegal fireworks to come. Today I am building my bunker. I’m getting prepared for one of the scariest days of the year. It’s a day when humans forget about us animals and go kinda crazy. It’s a day some animals get lost out of fear. It’s a day the rest of us get scared and try to hide. Is this fun? Some humans think so.

So here are some tips for helping dogs get through the 4th of July horrors.

Safety Zone: Build a safety bunker (I’ll be showing you mine very soon!) Any enclosed area without windows will work. Closets are good.

Exercise: When there are no fireworks, like in the morning, exercise your dogs outside and play.

Stay Inside: Keep your dogs inside when there might be fireworks and keep them company when they are scared.

Muffle Sound: Turn on the TV, or better yet, the A/C, to muffle the sound.

Crate: If your dog likes his or her crate, make sure it is available to them during fireworks time.

Windows: Keep windows covered and closed.

ID Your Dog: Make sure your dog, in case they run, has current tags and is micro-chipped.

Thunder Shirts: If your dog feels more relaxed with a Thundershirt, have one on hand.

Feeding: Feed your dog lighter meals during a time of fireworks.

Medication: Try to avoid medicating your dog, but if you do, consult a good veterinarian to get a prescription or advice.

Get Away: If you can, find a fireworks-free place to vacation… like a National Forest.

I’ll be busy today building my bunker. But I’ll make sure I take photos to show you what a safety zone looks like!


  1. Hi Cinnamon! My name's River, and I'm petrified of the fireworks tool. Cool bunker! I like my cozy Thunder Shirt, and I also wear "Mutt Muffs" (hearing protection designed for dogs) during Annual Terrify Pets Week, New Year's, and Seahawks games. They were a little pricey, but I think they really help! The place I where I board uses in a dog pheromone scent plug-in called Comfort Zone D.A.P. that's supposed be calming. Hi to Francesca, too!

  2. Cinnamon says... Thank you so much River! Those are great ideas. My City Council just voted for a ban on personal fireworks, but that won't start until 2017.

  3. Excited for you that your city finally is getting a ban in place, Cinnamon! My city (Bonney Lake) might be getting closer...keeping my paws crossed!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon