Saturday, July 18, 2015

Clark DogPaw Dog Parks in Clark County WA: Your Support is Needed

I am a great fan of our beautiful dog parks in Clark County and Vancouver, Washington. I go often (and even more often now that I have to put up with my intern, Francesca and her energy).

We have a membership in support of the beautiful dog parks. It is only $25 per year. Today at the dog park while Francesca was romping around acting crazy, I was talking to some friends of mine. I heard that Clark DogPaw, the non-profit supporting the dog parks was worried about not having enough money. In fact, there was a sign there encouraging MORE MEMBERSHIPS.

I would be really upset if I didn't have the choice of the five dog parks in the area. Washougal has to relocate so I don't know where that park will be. But I have one near my house. That is the Dakota Dog Park. And then, my favorite, but farther away, the Brush Prairie Dog Park, or Lucky Dog Park.

The parks are well-maintained with volunteer help. The dog parks are one big reason I live in Vancouver. I can run free of a leash and know I'll be safe since they are fenced. Otherwise, I'd be stuck on the leash all the time.

I've traveled through many states. When we travel, we stop at dog parks. What I found is that most of them are small and dusty. My dog parks here have grass and bark dust lined trails. Some have water stations. They are the best dog parks you'll ever want to see.

So please.... support Clark DogPaw with a donation. And, if you use the parks, PLEASE BECOME A MEMBER. Clark DogPaw will appreciate your support.

Here's one of the places you can donate.

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