Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Building my Anti Fireworks Bunker

OK, like I told you, one of the ways I am going to cope this 4th of July is to have my safe place all ready for me when I hear a Snap, Bang, Crackle, Boom!

The first thing to know when building an Anti-Fireworks Bunker is to pay attention to your dog's behavior when scared. If the dog likes a particular closet, build the bunker there. If your dog likes their crate, have their crate in a protected place in the house.

For me, I've decided that my safe place is the Master Bathroom. In particular, I like the shower stall. So I spent the afternoon building my bunker there.

First I put a washcloth between the sliding glass doors so they wouldn't make any noise or shake when I went in there or when the fireworks went off.

Now the doors won't rattle
Next I got some really comfortable bedding to make it cozy and homey. Bedding also serves to absorb sound.

Then I brought in some reading material. I figure the seige will take quite awhile on the 4th. I chose a book about Santa Fe, my home town, with lots of pictures. It will make me feel comfortable.
Here's my favorite book and some toys to make it all homey.
Then I brought in a couple of toys to make it just like home!

Lastly, I put up a sign so my owner wouldn't mistakenly take a shower in there!
Here's the sign so no one thinks this is a shower, now!
All ready to go! If you make a bunker, please send me a picture so I can put it on the blog here. We all should share anti-fireworks ideas!

Love, Cinnamon
Executive Director
Dogs Agains Fireworks


  1. Fireworks don't bother me or Whitley--- we've even gone to Fireworks Shows!

  2. Cinnamon doesn't understand why you aren't scared. You are dogs right? :)


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon